Global Colours Funstroke- Venice 30g- I inch

Global Colours Funstroke- Venice 30g- I inch

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GLOBAL COLOURS is a world leader famous for the quality and safety of their water based products. Gobal Colours BodyArt Makeup range is used by professional artists worldwide. The rich colour palette will enable you to create astonishing designs. Now available in 30g FUN STROKES, the perfect size for the busy professional artist.


30g- These funstrokes are 1 inch wide and best applied with a 1 inch flat, angle or filbert brush to pick up all the colours,  (or smaller to pick up only a few colours)


Global Colours BodyArt MakeUp is water activated. Simply moisten your brush before applying make up to bring your face painting ideas to life.

The diverse palette offered by Global Colours can be mixed to create an infinite palette. All face and body painters will enjoy the incredible control and flexibility.


Global Colours puts a great emphasis on the quality and safety of their products. Global Colours MakeUp is specifically formulated to contain only approved cosmetic ingredients that are gentle on the skin. All products are manufactured under the strictest safety guidelines and are compliant with EU and FDA Toy and Cosmetic standards.


All make up products are specially designed to be gentle, even to the most delicate types of skin and they are fragrance free.


The Global Colours products are water based so they are easy to apply and remove. All you need is water and soap. There's no need to scrub.

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