Growing Your Highly Profitable Face Painting Business Soft cover book

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If you are a fairly new face painter or even an established artiste you may feel frustrated because you still don’t ‘get’ how to attract more business. Maybe your competitors are racing ahead and scooping up all the opportunities, and with each passing day you’re left wondering how to figure it all out on how to increase your customer base, your website visitors, your bookings and of course your profits. You can see the value of marketing but simply think it’s too time-consuming and you may also worry that you just don’t have the available funds to do so. Well finally this book has been written for the industry by the industry and you too can now discover how to grow your very own Highly Profitable Face Painting Business using proven low-cost marketing strategies. By putting what you learn from this book into practical controlled measures will help you to take consistent action in all of your key business areas, especially capitalising on those golden opportunities as and when they come your way. If you care enough about the future of your business, especially in these tough time, you must get active now by getting yourself out there big time with as many promotional principles as possible. In the 17 chapters of this book, Sherrill Church from Mimicks Face Painting will present you with a vast selection of simple solutions and sound policies that she has drawn from her own experiences of running a successful face painting business over the past two decades since 1990. She highlights how to overcome the usual challenges of customer retention and how best to develop ongoing relationships with them, how to identify who actually is your target market and then on how to build a value adding service so they are completely compelled to return for more. The practical advice in this book is accessible to everyone in the industry regardless of longevity and it will illustrate how really good money can be made by setting achievable goals that will massively improve your direction for growth so that you too can run a Highly Profitable Face Painting Business generating significant profits!

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