TAG Professional Face Painters Kit

TAG Professional Face Painters Kit

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This is a fantastic kit with a great range of face paints from TAG with 35 items.
A great kit to get out there and paint beautiful bright faces. This kit will cover many hundreds of faces.

Items included in the TAG Professional Face Painters Kit are
-TAG 90g Regular - Black and White
-TAG 32g Regular - 15 Regular colours in Red, Pink, Orange, Mango, Yellow, Light green, Green, Teal, Powder Blue, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Lila, Purple, Brown and a lighter skin tone.
-TAG 32g Pearls- 9 Pearls in the following colours- Pearl Rose, Orange, Yellow, Gold, Silver, White, Green, Blue and purple.
-TAG 50g Pearl Rainbow
-TAG 30g Split Cake- Regular Rainbow
-TAG Sponges 1pkt of 12 halves
-3 Glitters- Gold, Silver and Iridescent White
-TAG #12 Filbert Brush (great to use with your spliut cake and to paint larger areas quickly)
- Brushes #3 and #4 Round

Professional waterbased high pigment makeup
Has excellent coverage , maintaining brightness, with lighter colours
clearly showing, when used over darker colours. (great for linework too)

All paints are non toxic ,skin safe and FDA ,EU approved.
Simple to use, easy to remove.

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