Birdwing face painting products- non smear glitter cream base

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Create your own gorgeous non smear glitter creams for face painting with our new glitter cream base. 

Our base can be premixed with eco/ biodegradable glitters or regular loose cosmetic/ face painting glitter. 
The finished cream can be used on the face OVER dried face painting designs without smudging! 😍😍

Highly recommended and used by Amy. Have a look at our new gorgeous range of glitter girl glitters to mix in.

Tips for using! 

In warmer climates/ sunmertime - No need to melt. Just place your favourite coloured cosmetic glitters in a small bowl or container and then mix in our glitter cream base to create your own creams. (Approx 50/ 50 ratio by weight depending on preference- i use a bit less as i like mine to be a bit "drier")

Store it in a container with a lid in your kit. I like mine in empty recycled one stroke containers.

If you live somewhere VERY COLD or it’s the middle of winter 🥶 you might find your balm gets pretty solid! Before mixing with glitter pop into the microwave until JUST melted (you need to keep an eye on it) You can mix in a few drops of skin safe oil (regular olive oil will work fine) and stir to combine.

Allow to cool before testing the consistency and mixing in your glitters. This will result in a much softer glitter cream. I also recommend you don’t compact it down when you mix it so it stays in little “glittery crumbles” in your pot which will also soften with the warmth of skin when applied.


The sample photo is made with a mix of mint crush, ice Queen and I heart you too eco glitter girl glitters. You can see the range here-

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