One Stroke Face Painting Class Supplies List


This is a list of the supplies Amy will be using for her designs in the one stroke face painting class with Amy.

You need to bring your own supplies to this class however please do not bring your entire kits, as they (and we) wont all fit in the classroom

Please dont feel that you need have to have everything on this list and please feel free to substitute other brands/ colours for the rainbow cakes and one strokes if you have something similar already 😊 )

You can do this class and learn the techniques with one onestroke if need be! Just make sure it is very dark on one end and white on the other end.

You will also need to bring



3/4 flat brush

1/2 flat brush

1/2, or 3/8 or 5/8 angle brush

Cameleon Medium blending brush

a small round brush (#0 or #1)

a medium round brush (#3 or #4)

half round face paint sponges

tag practice mat

Glitter- whatever you like :)- glitter cream, liquid bling etc

Baby wipes


Please open a chat here on the website with Amy (bottom right) if you have any questions about paints, brushes or any other concerns. You are also welcome to organise to borrow supplies if needed from Amy (Via chat also) xo