BOLT | Face Painting Brushes by Jest Paint - Medium FIRM Angle 5/8 inch

BOLT | Face Painting Brushes by Jest Paint - Medium FIRM Angle 5/8 inch

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BOLT | Face Painting Brushes by Jest Paint -  Medium FIRM Angle 5/8 inch

The Bolt Firm Medium Angle brush is a perfect choice for small 1 stroke designs and scallops.

  • Load two to three colors from a rainbow cake onto this angle brush and paint duo colored strokes
  • Paint ribbons, horns, calligraphy lettering and scallops to edge your butterfly wings
  • No animals were harmed in the making of these brushes


How to Use This Brush

Dip your Bolt Brush in clean water, wipe off any access paint and then gently run your brush back and forth or in a swirling motion on your face paint cake. Make sure to keep twisting the brush to keep all of the bristles together to maintain the shape of the brush. Once you see a nice creamy load of paint on your brush you can apply the paint to the skin. Wash with warm soapy water and shape between your fingertips before air drying.

About the Bolt Brushes Brand

  • Bolt Brushes were designed by face and body artists, Santiago Massano and Anna Wilinski, from Jest Paint. Artists around the world have Bolt Brushes in their face painting arsenal and love them! There are regular and firm styles to help meet the likes of every face painter. Bolt Brushes are assembled in the USA using parts from Thailand. Bolt Brushes are made from synthetic applicators and wooden handles. The wood for the handles come from managed national wood reforestation programs.

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