BOLT Mid size glitter applicator

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BOLT | Face Painting Brushes | Diamond Collection - Mid Sized Glitter Applicator

What are the dimensions of the Mid Sized Glitter Applicator?
This applicator measures approximately 18.4 cm long from tip to end. The base of the silicon part is roughly just under 1.27 cm wide.

    What is the primary use of the Mid Sized Glitter Applicator?
    The Bolt face painting Mid-Sized Glitter Applicator brush is perfect for the precise application of glitter to the skin. This reusable applicator offers a soft and slightly flexible feel, providing a similar experience to using your finger for applying and arranging glitter on the face or body. It offers a more sanitary and professional alternative to manual application.

    How to Use This Brush

    Immerse your applicator in glitter gels, creams, or cream paints for skin application. Clean using soap and water afterward.

    About the Bolt Brushes Brand

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