BOLT Sponge Dotter Wand

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BOLT | Face Painting Brushes | Diamond Collection - Sponge Dotter

What are the dimensions of the Sponge Dotter?
This applicator measures approximately 16.51 cm long from tip to end. The base of the sponge part is slightly over 0.9525 cm in diameter and 1.5875 cm long. The handles are approximately 12 cm long and 1.4 cm in diameter.

    What is the primary use of the Sponge Dotter?
    This reusable applicator, featuring a soft and slightly flexible black domed sponge, is excellent for creating various designs such as strings of pearls, bubbles, eyes, and dot patterns. Experiment by loading it with white and adding a touch of color on the side; spinning the handle produces duo-tone dots. Additionally, this dotter brush is versatile for smudging cream pencil eyeliner or powders, making it ideal for beauty makeup applications.

    How to Use This Brush

    Moisten the tip or dampen your paint, then gently rub back and forth until you achieve a generous paint load. Ensure the sponge is thoroughly absorbed with paint for the most uniform dots. Press onto the skin to create dots of different sizes based on the pressure applied. Cleanse with soap and water, and allow it to air dry for reuse.

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