Amerikan Body Art -Liquid Bling 1/2 oz- sparkle white

Amerikan Body Art -Liquid Bling 1/2 oz- sparkle white

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*The Original Liquid Bling*

Liquid Bling was one of the first products that Amerikan Body Art created. Originally it was used as a wash-off "Faux-Henna," then we used it for Bindi designs, and eventually it made its way into the face painting world. Now it is a must-have item in the makeup kits of thousands of face and body artists around the world. Use liquid bling to add sparkle and highlights to your designs. We love it for outlining butterfly wings, crowns, eye designs and flowers.


Liquid Bling is made from an aloe gel base and cosmetic glitter. We try to keep the product as simple and as natural as possible. We do not add a drying agent, so while it does take a while to dry, we prefer this over adding potentially irritating ingredients. To speed up drying, squeeze the bottle lightly when applying, so you get a finer line. You'll get the same artistic impact, using less product, and with a faster drying time.

Keep the tip clean and the product airtight between uses.

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