Glitter Girl Biodegradable Eco Glitter- Green Cheeks 10g NEW!

Glitter Girl Biodegradable Eco Glitter- Green Cheeks 10g NEW!

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A beautiful cosmetic grade glitter that is suitable for face and body painting as well as glitter tattoos. Apply to the skin with Glitter Girl  Primer Gel, or create your own non smear glitter balms with out birdwing glitter balm base


10g Recyclable pot

All About Glitter Girl Eco Glitter

A joyful brand for sparkle lovers around the world

Eco Friendly, Cosmetic quality, Vegan friendly, Cruelty free, 40% softer than plastic glitter so it feels better on the skin, Recyclable packaging, All sparkle. Zero guilt.

All about PLA & CPLA – compostable bioplastics made from plant starches

Glitter Girl cosmetic grade glitters  are made from plant-based film polylactide cellulose.

 PLA is a compostable bioplastic derived from plant sugars. PLA stands for polylactic acid. It can be made from any sugar.

The material is derived from the fibers of a biodegradable and bioactive thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable biomass, typically from fermented plant starch such as from corn, cassava, sugarcane or sugar beet pulp. #YaySaytheUnicorns

Most commonly available glitters are made with a Plastic film. Once it is disposed of, traditional glitter leaves behind teeny-tiny pieces of plastic (a.k.a. microplastic!) in the ecosystem forever. #NeiggghhhhsaytheUnicorns

The time it takes products to biodegrade can vary greatly (from months to years), depending on the environmental conditions you are in. It will vary depending on different factors, like whether you’re swimming in the ocean or dancing in the desert, whether you apply it with an organic oil base or a dry brush, and how humid the climate is in your geographic location.

 In general, degradation requires four things: heat, water, oxygen and microorganisms. The more of those four things that are present in the environment, the faster the glitter will degrade.

 Polylactic acid can biodegrade in under 12 weeks in commercial composting, which provides the perfect balance of microbes, moisture and warmth.

 Generally speaking, it will degrade in the ocean faster than in the desert!

How to store

To maximize the shelf life of your glitter it is a good idea to keep your glitter mixes cool and dry and clean.

 The best way to apply it is to use a makeup brush instead of using your hands to keep the container free of bacteria that could be transferred from your skin.

 You can keep it for at least two years this way.

 You can purchase from us knowing that our Unicorns are doing our absolute best to be a company that brings you products that make your soul sparkle, and doesn’t leave a trail of environmental darkness in its wake.

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