Loose chunky glitter  Gold 10g

Loose chunky glitter Gold 10g

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TAG Body Art Loose Chunky glitters can be applied on top of wet face paint or with a skin safe adhesive such as cosmetic glitter glue or gel. TAG Body Art Glitter Gel Base is an Aloe based gel and is perfect as it dries clear and fast!

Apply the gel/glue to the skin, and then tap the glitter onto the tacky base with a brush.   

This chunky loose glitter is great to add a touch or a lot of eye-catching bling to the hair or body!  Chunky glitter makes a fun sparkly background for your designs. 

TAG Body Art Chunky Loose Glitter is a cosmetic polyester based glitter product. Please use caution when applying glitters to the face or when using on young children who may rub the glitter into their eyes. This is considered a special effects product, and not eye makeup. This glitter is NOT recommended for use around the immediate eye area in order to prevent large glitter particles from entering the eye.

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