TAG Chunky Glitter Gel Base- 60ml

TAG Chunky Glitter Gel Base- 60ml

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Chunky Glitter Gel Base.

This gel base is perfect for creating your very own glitter gel! Mix this clear gel with cosmetic grade fine or chunky glitters to create a glitter gel perfect for adding colourful accents around your face paint designs or to be applied by itself on the hair, on the chest area or even around the eye area (away from the eye).

TAG Body Art Chunky Glitter Gels is an Aloe based gel made in Australia.  It is gentle on the skin and also hydrating!

We recommend face painters or users to apply directly on the skin or hair and not over face paint since the gel will smear your design,  You can apply a thin layer to the skin using a flat or filbert brush, silicone applicator or cotton swab. Once you have a thin layer of gel, you can tap glitter onto it. You can also premix your glitter with the gel. Some glitters may dissolve in the gel over time, so make small batches, or do test batches before making a large batch. This glitter gel removes easily with soap and water .

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