TT Face Painting Stencil- Elsa

TT Face Painting Stencil- Elsa

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These are our great range of stencils designed for face painting. 

Great for beginners, parties and fundraisers- also a great product for professional face painters for large events, wiggly children and for finishing off the last of your line of children when you have packed your kit up.
Very simple and easy to use (even for children)
These stencils are reusable- they are made of sturdy plastic and with care will last you a long time.

How to use:
1) Hold the stencil flat against the skin
2) Apply face paint with a sponge over stencil with a dabbing motion
3) Lift off stencil and see your beautiful design!
4) Stencils may be cleaned with soapy water/ baby wipe

Tips and tricks
1) Make sure your face paint is not too wet to avoid bleeding
2) Try a mini one stroke rainbow cake for your colour for cute rainbow designs
3) Add a puff of glitter while paint is still wet

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