WabbyFun - Face Painting Practice Board | Jill- front view

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WabbyFun - Face Painting Practice Board 

The Wabbyfun practice boards are constructed from a unique semi-hard plastic material that offers a specialized surface structure. This surface provides an excellent grip for both brushes. WabbyFun

Face paint practice boards are easy to wash with soap and water.

*Only Paint on the plastic side up of the board

Wabbyfun practice boards are available in many styles.

Wabbyfun Dimensions: A4 Size 210 x 297 mm | 21 x 29.7 cm

The practice face paint boards serve as an ideal instrument to enhance your face painting skills, allowing you to practice, refine your technique and create your unique designs.

Before using the board for the first time, wash it thoroughly with soap and water. To apply face paint, wet your brush, remove excess water, and gently stroke it back and forth over the cake to load the bristles. Then, apply the paint in smooth strokes onto the board, reloading the brush as necessary.

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